About Us

We are a contemporary British jewellery brand with a passion for nature and the natural world while embracing new technology.

Our Creative Director, Caitlin, is best known for her ‘ Inspired by Nature ‘ creations that are true to nature’s design but use the latest laser technology. This technology enables us to produce very fine detailed pieces but with strength and lightness for everyday use.

About Caitlin

Founder and Creative Director, Caitlin O’Neill, was born in Mangalore, India. She grew up in Belgium and attended the British School of Brussels where her main interests were Design Technology, Music and Hockey.

Caitlin graduated from the University of Chichester in 2008 with a degree in Music with Design for Digital Media. This was not the best time to get into creative professions, so after graduation she moved to Chichester with her family and used the time for travelling and honing her drawing and photographic skills. Through her interest in drawing and photography her passion for nature and the natural world grew. She eventually launched her own jewellery brand from a small workshop in Chichester West Sussex in 2018.

About our Jewellery

Caitlin’s jewellery is a natural development of her skills and interests. The designs are drawn from photographs using a Cintiq digital screen which are translated into CAD/CAM drawings for laser cutting the base material. It is formed and then silver or gold plated, resulting in simple but effective pieces. We use the well known plating company, Albion Plating, based in Partridge Green, to finish our pieces.

Her first collection is of natural items which can be found growing or flying in and around our gardens.